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Sundarbans National Park – A largest Tranquil Mangrove Forest Of World With Various Species

Beautiful Sundarbans

Mangrove of Sundarbans Image By Flickr

The Sundarbans delta or Sundarban National Park  is the biggest and largest mangrove forest in all over the world. It is located in the southwestern delta region of the Bangladesh and west Bengal of India. This is an ultimate delta region created by the Brahmaputra, Meghna and Ganges rivers flowing into the Bay of Bengal. An Indian portion of Sundarbans listed as the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Sundarban Delta

Colors on Sundarbans (Image By Flickr)

India has 9,630 sq kms as Sundarbans region, from which 5,400 sq kms are non forest area. The remaining part is forested area. This forest area is also known as sundarban Biosphere Reserve (SBR), which is further divided on the two sub forest. One is South24-Parganas and Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. Both subdivisions of Sundarbans forest divided by the river Malta.

Forest of Sundarban

Deep Forest of Sundarban(Image By Flickr)

Sundarbans or Sundarvans is a Sanskrit word .The meaning of this word is “beautiful forest”. Locally this land is known as the name of “Sunderi”.The great Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore told about this region-“Golden Bengal”. Sundarbans is full with water and lush vegetation.

Sundarban National Park  world heritage property is blessed with the three wildlife sanctuaries (Sundarbans West, East and South) which are the main breeding place of a number of rare species of endangered wildlife. Creeks, swaps, islands, rivers, estuaries, deep merged forest, large muddy areas and tidal flats are the ultimate beautiful part of the Sundarbans.


Royal Tiger In Sundarban (Image By Flickr)



Crocodile In Rest At Sundarban (Image By Flickr)

Bird In Sundarban

A Beautiful bird (Image By Flickr)

It is merged by the complicated network of the tidal waterways, mud land and huge range of small islands of mangrove islands. The area is naturally full with saline water, limited sources of sweet fresh water. It is renowned for the wide range of flora and fauna. It is a well Conversant land of Royal Bengal tigers. This delta land is the natural habitat of royal tigers but there is a huge range of different species. Indian python, different kind of fishes, several reptiles, around 260 species of beautiful birds, spotted deer and saltwater crocodiles are the permanent wildlife member of Sundarbans. It is also a home of a large variety of migratory birds like egret, fishing eagle, kingfisher,black-tailed godwit ,ester knot curlew and golder plover.

Sundarbans National Park

Birds In Sundarbans National Park(Image By Flickr)

Around 4 million people live in the Sundarbans, they are dependent on the traditional crops during the dry seasons and in the wet season fish and prawn farming is the source of livelihood.The Sundarbans region has great potential to emerge as an international tourist place but very less number of tourists reaches there due to less marketing, less road connectivity and lack of accommodation facilities.

Really it is the land of mysteries which are floating on the water, delta and a unique culture, home of old tales and incredible beliefs of local people on the regional god & Goddess.

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