Bhimbetka Rock Shelters – Unbelievable Paintings and Stories of Paleolithic

19 Jul

A way to Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

A way to Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

Caves in Bhimbetka

Caves in Bhimbetka

The Bhimbetka rock shelters are situate in the Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh of India. It is an archaeological site of the Paleolithic demonstrating the ancient notches of human life in the India. These amazing rock shelters and paintings were explored by the Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Wakankar in 1957-58.It is a UNESCO World heritage site.

The Bhimbetka rock shelters are the collection of 750 rock shelters from which 500 are inwrought by the paintings. These Stone Age rock paintings are around 30,000 years old. Bhimbetka gets the name Bhimbetka because in the Mahabharata, which is one of the sacred epics of the Hindus, it is written that Bhim or  Bhima used these rock shelters as his sitting place.

Exterior Of  A Rock  Shelter

Exterior Of A Rock Shelter

It is exactly located over 100 meters above the Deccan traps between the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary.There are over 750 rock shelters in this region and more than 400 rock shelters are spread over the five hills in this main area .These five hills are Bineka, Bhimbetka, Bhonrawali,Lakha Juar (east) and Lakha Juar (west).This area is full with dense forest , a cluster of five rock shelters and highly blessed by the natural beauty.


A Tourist Examine the Rock Shelters

These are the showcases continuous sequence of cultures from Paleolithic to the Historical period. These rock structures decorated with the interesting paintings which define the art and culture of ancient people, Hunting, dancing, drinking, various animals, animal fighting, people, childbirth scenes, linear depiction of human figures hunting, warfare and the day to day activities of the men explained by the these painting on the walls of caves.

Red Color Paintings On The Rock

Red Color Paintings On The Rock

White Color Elephant

White Color Elephant

White, green, red and yellow are the colors which are used in the paintings. Paintings which are painted with white colors are the oldest paintings. Red colors made painting are less old and basically rd colors painting present the pictures of horses, bow and arrow.

Most of the walls of caves are decorated with colorful paintings. All paintings are ancient but some paintings are more than thousands years old and about the people and animal hunting scenes. Red colors paintings are clearly visible, all yellow and green color paintings are not perfectly visible but only some are visible.

There are some rock shelters which are very popular and special among all. Likes:

Rock Shelter One:

Painting On The Ceiling

Painting On The Ceiling

This shelter is a cluster of amazing paintings of the historic period. The upper ceiling of this rock shelter has a painting of two elephants. Both elephant has long tusks and smaller elephant is driven by a man, which holding a goad in one hand. There are lots of paintings of men and animals. Each and every painting has a deep story about that period.

 Rock Shelter Three:

Painting In  The Rock Shelter Three

Painting In The Rock Shelter Three

This is also known as auditorium due to its huge shape. It is about Thirty nine meters long, four meter wide and seventeen meter high at the western end. This rock shelter has paintings of buffaloes, deer, bulls, a peacock, tiger, and hand print of a child.

Zoo Rock:

Paintings Of Animals On Zoo Rock

Paintings Of Animals On Zoo Rock

“Zoo Rock” is one of the popular rock shelters which are full with the drawings of deer, sambar, bison and elephants. The shape of this shelter is semicircular. There are total 453 figures .Among the 453 figures 252 figures of animals are there. On account of the huge number and variety of animal paintings, it is renowned as Zoo Rock.

View point and river basin:

Tortoise  Shaped Rock

Tortoise Shaped Rock

This rock is look likes a tortoise.The most of the paintings of this rock shelter based on the geometrical designs.

Boar Rock:

Boar Rock

Boar Rock

It is mushroom shaped rock shelter and it popular as Boar rock due to a giant figure painted on the rock surface. Marvelous figures of boar, men and animals have decorated the walls of this shelter.Bhimbetka Rock shelters are really a priceless heritage of India. Paintings of these rock shelters are the showcases of seven historic ancient periods.

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