The Great Himalayan National Park-Amazing Wildlife In the Lap Of Himalayan

27 Jun

A View Of The Great Himalayan National Park

A View Of The Great Himalayan National Park(Image By Flickr)

The Great Himalayan national park is the pride of Himachal Pradesh. It is recently labeled as the UNESCO World heritage sites. It is the richest biodiversity hub of India. It is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is the favorite place of adventurous and best place for trekking. The Great Himalayan National Park spread over the 1736 sq. km. and elevated 6000m above from the sea level. it also includes two watershed areas, Tirthan and Sainj which covers an area of about 905 sq km.Lofty hills, snow capped peaks, rich deep forest, undulating meadow, glaciers and wonderful rhythmic cascades make this National park very beautiful and incredible.

Western Tragopan

Western Tragopan(Image by Flickr)

It is one of the National Parks in the world which have a large number of the endangered western Tragopan.It is a natural habitat of a large number of species and very rich in natural beauty. The park is isolated by natural barriers from all sides. It is embodied with the 675 sq-km Pin Valley National Park in the cold desert of Spiti in Trans-Himalaya, the 61-km Kanawar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kullu and 503 sq-km Rupi-Bhawa Wildlife Sanctuary in Kinnaur. It supports a full range of western Himalayan biodiversity and protects other islands of biodiversity around.

Leopards in The Great Himalayan National Park

Leopards(Image By Flickr)

Black Bear

Black Bear(Image By Flickr)

Herd Of Blue Sheep

Herd Of Blue Sheep(Image By Flickr)

Siberian Musk Deer

Siberian Musk Deer(Image Bu Flickr)

The park is a natural home to many species, making it a perfect habitat for medicinal plants, wildlife and biological diversity in a small area. It supports species of the South-east Asian forests, subtropical, alpine, the Asian steppes and Siberia. The Himalayan Tahr is found in the higher region of the forest of GHNP and the goral which is the small goat found in the lower forests. The above the tree line the Blue Sheep or the Bharal snatch your heart. Different regions or different height of this park is full with the different kind of species. A forest zone of this park is full with the Leopards and Snow Leopards often seen above the tree line. The Alpine meadows are famous for Asiatic Brown Bears.

Himalayan Monal

Himalayan Monal(Image by Flickr)

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle(Image By Flickr)

The Great Himalayan National Park is also famous for the miraculous variety of birds. It is most renowned for Western Tragopan. Himalayan Griffon Vultures, Himalayan Monal and Golden Eagles are the major attraction of the Great Himalayan National Park.

A Panoramic View From The GHNP

A Panoramic View From The GHNP(Image By Flickr)

Amongst the several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India, the Great Himalayan National Park has made an immortal mark in the world. It is indeed one of the best places for an adventurous and wildlife vacation in Himachal Pradesh. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or nature lover or an adventurer at heart, GHNP offers best opportunity for wildlife vacations in Himachal Pradesh. So, be proud of this great natural habitat of large variety of flora and fauna in the lap of Himalayan.

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3 responses to “The Great Himalayan National Park-Amazing Wildlife In the Lap Of Himalayan

  1. Marko

    July 16, 2014 at 9:05 pm

    Hello! Feel free to watch my new photo album “Roses” Greetings

  2. Nilu Sud

    March 1, 2015 at 4:27 am

    Nicely written . Most of the pics used in this are clicked by Panki sood who had trekked this park extensively .

  3. Jenifer

    April 8, 2016 at 6:44 pm

    It seems great that Himalayan national park host Snow leopard, I think it is in endangered category Right? @author


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