Mughal Gardens in Kashmir

27 Jan

Kashmir Dal Lake


Tourist’s spots in Srinagar have always enchanted the visitors. Srinagar is amongst the most beautiful city in India. It also serves as the summer capital of the state Jammu and Kashmir. A very striking river named Jhelum flows through the Kashmir which intensify its beauty to make it a real heaven. Astounding Chinar trees and almond trees planted in a particular straight pattern in the city exaggerate its exquisiteness to the fullest.

Just a simple walk through the pretty riverside bank will make you realise the beauty of the Heaven on Earth.DalLake is also a very prominent feature of Kashmir. Main conspicuous attractions on the DalLake are Shikara, Houseboats and floating gardens and if you are courageous enough and love to go for adventure, you must go for skiing on DalLake in winters when it is frozen. There is nothing else in the world which can give you that much thrill.

Mughal Garden

Evening View Of Mughal Garden

The city of Srinagar was ruled by the Hindus and Buddhists before it was taken over by Mughals.Mughal Gardens in Kashmir listed in world heritage sites by UNESCO world Heritage sites.

Mughals have designed mainly three gardens in the city which are rocking the tourism industry till today.All the three of the gardens are designed accurately like the Mughal architecture and are unconditionally beautiful which never fails to leave you fascinated. The three gardens named The Shalimar Bagh, The Nishat Bagh and The Chashm-e-shahi which means The Royal Spring are exceptionally gorgeous. These were built by Mughal Emperors Shah Jahan,who is also famous for incredible monument Taj Mahal and Jahangir on the pattern of Central Asia, Persia and Turkistan.

Shalimar Bagh

Water Fountains in Shalimar Bagh

Terraced lawns, dazzling fountains, bright coloured long flower beds having stunning Dal Lake on the other side is not less beautiful than a dream. Shalimar Bagh was built by Emperor Shah which shows his love towards Kashmir. It was built for his wife. This beautiful garden has four terraces, each one on one above. The total area of garden is about 539 m by 182 m. In the middle of the garden runs a canal which is lined with polished shinning stones having running water.

 Nishant Bagh

Flowers in Nishat Bagh

Nishat Bagh was built not by the emperor but by the empress Nur Jahan’s brother named Asaf khan in 1633 AD. This garden is the largest of all having seven terraces. Each terrace rises from the east of DalLake and appears not less than a mountain. With dramatically beautiful and vibrant flower beds and lush green gardens, this garden will never fail to impress visitors by its splendor.

chasma Shahi

Chashm-e-shahi Of Mughal Garden

Chashm-e-shahi is the first Mughal Garden you will come across while visiting. It was designed by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1632 AD. It is built on a height which is above the main city. In area and size, it is the smallest Mughal garden. It has three terraces and a natural water spring which is covered by shinning stones pergola.

It’s not that only rivers and tress will lure your heart with their beauty. There are countless features which Kashmir has to attract thousands of tourists over the year.Kashmir was also one of the famous Mughal city in Mughal Era.There are some other tourist destinations of Kashmir which are very popular  among families, friends, kids and couples.


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    All the places you have shown are soooo beautiful.

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